How to lose weiht while working from home

How to lose weight while working from home

I recently started work from home, and it’s a blessing. Isn’t it? Well, not. Initially, you find very exciting to work from home, to be your boss, Being with family, no office Etiquette’s, no office politics, you can sleep on couch and work, No restrictions on breaks and here the game changes-no restrictions for snacking or eating unhealthy in quantity and quality. Work from home turned out a blessing in disguise for me. Seating on the couch, working on laptops, and all-day cravings have led to an increase in those extra pounds, with an increase in weight you may have to face like bloating, dullness, lethargy, mood swings and most importantly you cannot fit into your jeansBut then I decided to lose those extra pounds and fortunately lost it. Here are tried and tested tips on how to lose weight while working from home. Everyone should urge you to follow it until you became couch potato for a lifetime.

#1. Diet management is the key

Good nutrition is the key to good health. Focus on how you eat rather than how much you eat. Weight loss 70% depends on your diet and 30% on exercise. Try to have a wholesome diet, include more protein in your diet, and reduce carbohydrate intake. Eat more of fiber-rich food, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. Focus on how you eat instead of what you eat? Follow a strict schedule of meals and don’t skip the meals. Try to have your dinner before sunset and lunch before noon. Keep at least 2 hours gap between your sleep and dinner. The most important tip chew your food 32 times before swallowing which aids digestion and healthy bowel.

#2. You can exercise anywhere

Exercise is the second most important factor in losing weight. Everyone knows that but very few of us follow a strict routine when you are bound to stay at home. But it’s now or never. Try to build an exercise routine starting from at least 15 min per day. You must urge to invest in a home gym like basic dumbbells and stretch bands or the most affordable yoga mat. Well, we think exercise is the only thing to do in Gyms or outdoors that’s wrong. You can even lose weight from home exercise routine; simply playing your favorite song and dance. Bollywood songs can be the most energetic and effective songs for a dance workout. Subscribe to fitness or exercise YouTube channel or find some good Instagram account to follow. Many of you may find exercise regime difficult or just cannot find time to invest in exercise, you can try functional fitness. It is a form of exercise done with household chores. Like wash your clothes by hand and not using a washing machine in which you will burn those extra calories and your work is also done.

#3. Sleep can aid your weight loss

We all know sleep is so important and so sleep would be an important factor in weight management too. Sleep cannot lose weight but poor sleep may lead to weight gain or obesity. Poor sleep routine is the major unhealthy cravings, stress, and inactiveness. A proper 7-8 hours of sleep keeps increases your metabolism, maintains insulin level, and blood flow in our body. As we are working from home entire sleep cycle changes, focus on your sleep patterns that follow strict sleeping hours, download sleep tracking apps which gives you the exact Idea of your sleep pattern and timings. Make sure to avoid screen time before 2 hours of sleep to get a peaceful sleep. Continuous exposure to laptops and mobiles increases your cortisol levels and may lead to sleep depreciation. Download Blue-light cutter apps and or install the software in your mobiles and computers like I did to avoid exposure to blue light. Last but not least my favorite solution to do is, to have nice and warm chamomile tea in the evening for a stress-free and peaceful sleep.

#4. Control on cravings or snacking

We are at home and we don’t crave food that’s never going to happen, right? Well yes, being at home and cravings go hand in hand and that especially for unhealthy food. Cravings is a real “monster” in losing weight. Avoid your cravings and you are halfway towards your journey. Follow set meal patterns or timings so that you don’t have mid-meal cravings. Have an adequate gap between your breakfast, lunch, evening snack, and dinner. Keep healthy snacks on your desk or place where you spend most of the time like dry fruits or protein bars, this will help you when can’t control cravings. When you crave form something, always drink water first as most of the time its thirst and not hunger. Avoid eating in stress or anxiety this the time when choose to eat on the most unhealthy.

#5. Drink water as much as you

Drinking 2-3 liters of water a day helps to increase your metabolism and bowel movement. But it’s too difficult to count our water intake and stick on to drink water all day. Well, I have done a few changes in my lifestyle to cope up with this. I drink water every hour, Now how to follow this? Set an hourly alarm in your phone or download water intake tracking apps to get that hourly remainders. Get an attractive water bottle or Masson jar on your desk by which you will get tempted to drink water. You can choose to drink water in different forms like I drink vegetable juice in the morning, Buttermilk after Lunch and fruit juice in the evening by this you finish your 1-liter water intake target rest you can achieve with detox water or simple water.

#6. Cut down sugar and alcohols

This the major thing that helped me to lose weight and maintain it while working from home. Cutting down sugar, alcohol or carbonated drink helps you to maintain insulin resistance in your body and avoid overconsumption of calories. The main objective is to reduce the calorific load. You can’t directly cut your sugar but you can surely start with moderation. Try to urge black coffee or tea rather than sugared tea or coffee. Don’t directly cut your sugar intake because this will increase more cravings, in spite go for a cheat meal.

#7. Calorie deficit can be better option then any other diet

Follow calorie deficit diet or calorie maintenance of course with the help of a doctor or dietician. The calorie deficit diet works wonders for weight loss. The idea is to consume around 250-300 fewer calories than your ideal daily calories required. Now, how to keep count on calories? Hire a dietician for your support or you can download calorie counting Apps. These Apps decide your daily calories according to your weight, height, and type of activity you do during the day. Last but not least prefers to consult your doctor before doing all this to consider your present medical conditions.

Hope these tips will make your work from home guilt-free and healthy. Last bonus tip for you, walk for 3 minutes after every 30 minutes of seating. Try to be active as much as you can, use stairs instead of lift. These were some tips on how to lose weight while working from home; it may work for you or may not be. But remember one thing don’t be harsh on yourself. First, love your body with soul and things will automatically change. Nothing is impossible if followed consistently under proper guidance.

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