I am Ravina (Founder of Healthy Zest), An engineer by profession, and a passionate blogger. I am a simple girl with a lot of dreams. The idea of expressing feelings through words just makes me happy and so come with this community Healthy Zest. I am a free-spirit and quite introvert in my extraordinary life. Exploring new things around the world and tasting different local food is just a thing to do for me. Apart from this, I love cooking the most. My journey from a small town to a city has given me different experiences and lessons which I will be sharing here. I spend my holiday reading books, watching movies, listening to podcasts, and cooking. My idea of happiness is to live in the present and live life with minimalism. My biggest dream is to travel to each country around the world.

Healthy zest is the platform for everyone. It will surely make a difference in your life. Healthy Zest is blessed with a hardworking and supportive team which makes a lot of effort to spread positivity and awareness around. We speak about health, skincare, lifestyle, mental health, wellness, productivity, and organization. If you are a hustler who prioritizes self-care and wants a happy and satisfied world, you are in the right place.

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