Hope you are doing well. The world is going through a horrible pandemic and every one of us was in lockdown or might be in lockdown. Lockdown a state of isolation imposed by the government or either by choice. The entire life hustle locked in four walls of a room. Emotions like happiness, laughter, anger, boredom, love, affection, anxiety, depression, and care locked in a room. This phase of life was the most intense phase of my life and maybe yours too. Whereas, the world was facing fear, anxiety, negativity, and rising COVID-19 cases. Life is always a roller coaster ride and it will never be easy. But out of such negativity life has a positive aspect too. Here are 9 important life lessons I learned during the lockdown. These are the positive aspects of life during the lockdown and hope you realized it too. These lessons will help you to strive  post lockdown as the world will be different after lockdown.

#1. Relationships do matter in our life 

The most important lesson learned in this lockdown is that relationships do matter in our life. Every one of us is so busy making a career or in studies that we tend to forget to convey our love towards loved ones. This lockdown has made many of us stay away from our loved ones and that feeling of missing them has made us realized that love does matter. May it be our parents, friends, life partners, or children? Even we could have virtually met them but what matters is the feeling of touch and the affection they give to us. Earlier our relationship could be struggling with so much of misunderstandings, ego, and jealousy but what we realized that these things never matter, what matter is love and warmth. Living away has proven that what matters is the person and not his mistakes. Lockdown has returned us to our lost relationships to open up, to cry, and to share.

#2.We can live without materialistic things 

It’s not always about “Gucci” or “LV”, even simple things like a blooming flower at our home garden or a rising sun with the shadow of clouds can make us happy too. Lockdown has made our stay home without shopping or even ordering anything online. This has made us realized that even we can live with a couple of cloths, a couple of footwear and no branded stuff, or even no stuff sometimes. Hanging out, late-night parties, get together can be replaced by a family dinner or a tea time with loved ones. Having fancy workout outfits and high paying gym membership can be replaced by a single yoga mat. It has proved that life with minimalism can be lived with no worries.

#3.We can fully be independent which we never thought.

So back then we were blessed with house helpers and other people around us. These helpers made our life so simple and easy. But this lockdown thought us to be self-sufficient. Doing our work is not that difficult as it seems to be earlier. 

#4.Books can be your best friends

We were bound to stay at home and not meet friends, no hangout, no parties, and no get-together. But the real things that played the most important role in this lockdown are the books. I explored a new habit of reading and yes words do speak. Reading can be the best therapy to lighten up your mood. Also, reading can be much more beneficial to enhance our knowledge and intellect.

#5.Taking granted everything is not a “cool” 

Resources like food, clothing, shelter, and water are so important and are the basic resources of life that cannot be taken granted. I would have not spent a single day without these things in lockdown. We always use to take these basic resources for granted like unnecessary wasting food and water. Apart from this we never realized the value of very simple things around us like furniture which made my Work from home so easy, Home appliances which helped me to do effortless household chores and cooking.

#6.Meditation can be good medicine.

Everyone has that breakdown point where we lose our temper and ability to think and lockdown would be so favorable for it. But one thing that could take us out of it is meditation. Mediating during lockdown has helped me to get positive energy and to spend a stress-free day. A simple 15-minute daily meditation can heal mental and physical injuries. It is that fulfilling gesture that could fill an emotional void and help to gain confidence again.

#7.Health can’t be taken for granted 

Health cannot be taken granted and we should be thankful for being healthy. Many times we neglect the alarming signals by our body and entire health goes for a toss. Staying at home for so long made us realized the flows in our body. And during this pandemic situation, health is the only most important thing to treasure. I never thought a simple vitamin supplement could play such an important role in maintaining good health. Exercise can be a mandatory and crucial part of maintaining good health.

#8.Even the earth needs a “space” 

Mother Nature is filled with empathy but it also needs so-called “Space” too. We as humans are exploiting Earth from years. But Tress, animals, and bird do need that space to breathe. Pandemic has shown the actual power of Mother Nature. It has given a reality check on how important is to preserve nature not only for us but for an upcoming generation.

#9.Being financially secure is so important.

Last but not least it is important to be financially independent and stable during the lockdown. Life is unpredictable and it may be worse during the pandemic situation and other problems in the future. But what can play the most important role is savings. Many of them lost the income and many businesses collapsed. We may stop but the world never stops for us. This lockdown has given the precise importance of savings or liquid cash. It has made us realized to wisely spend each and every penny.

This pandemic has hit us hard but surely we can take positive life lessons. It gave us a story like a roller coaster ride to narrate our grandchildren’s. It’s for sure life will never be the same after pandemic but it also gave us a positive aspect to see towards our life. These were 9 life lessons I learned during the lockdown, Hope you too had a different experience. Do share your experience in comments.

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