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We all love shopping and have that weird shopping addiction for a brand, color, or pattern. But have you ever thought the things you buy are always necessary? Shopping addiction fills your wardrobe and house with unnecessary things with a feeling of guilt and anxiety after the purchase. It just mesmerizes us having branded stuff in a wardrobe or a costly painting on our wall, but do they need to be there. Shopping addiction has become a serious issue as it affects our personal life, career, and finances. People addicted to shopping are also called as shopaholics were they do compulsive shopping without any reason and need. Shopaholics have to leave with feelings of guilt and may lead to depression later. Well, it is not about to stop buying things, it’s about the minimalistic approach towards life. Buy things but wisely. Focus maximum on your needs and not on wants

Here are some ways to get rid of shopping addiction, which helped me to save that extra penny and make me contented and optimistic.

#1.Shop only when you are happy

Many of us buy to just feel good or boost the mood, But do you think that’s appropriate? Shopping has a lot more to do with our mood. If you go shopping out of depression or sadness it may lead to impulse and surplus purchase to regret later. Don’t shop as an addition but as a need. Compulsive shopping is just an attempt to feel an emotional void or a lack of self-control. Instead, shop when you are cheerful and contended which will result in thoughtful shopping.

#2. Plan and Track you’re shopping 

Tracking is always a better option. Track your purchases and money spent on shopping. Tracking gives you an exact idea of how much money is wasted on unnecessary things and how much money should be invested in essential needs. Make a dedicated expense tracker or you can download it from here for free. 

#3.Unsubscribe to all emails from e-commerce platforms 

Online promotions and branding harm our mind-set. It changes our mind and increases the desire to purchase that item whether you need it or not. Many of us buy just because it’s a sale. It’s always better to mute all the notifications from online selling websites. Unsubscribe to all the plans and schemes. Remove your card info from these platforms, having a one-click payment option makes it very easy no doubt but it may lead to unwanted purchases. If possible through away your credit cards, which is the problem of impulsive shopping addiction.

#4. Try 7-day wait rule 

7-day wait rule significantly helps to decrease the impulsive shopping. The idea is to wait for seven days whenever you feel like buying something. This rule gives you the calming period out of the excitement of that item. You have time to decide either the item is needful or time when you need to buy it. 7-day wait rule to shopping gives you time to review that product, research the price differences and past experiences of other buyers with that product. This makes a clear picture in front of you to buy it, or after seven days the excitement you buy that products shed off and here is the biggest achievement for you.

#5.DE-clutter you’re wardrobe monthly or annually.

Take out some time monthly or annually to DE-clutter your wardrobe and room. This puts a complete picture in front of you, how many items in the wardrobe are unnecessary. Many of us have labeled branded cloth which you bought but never wore it for months or years. Shopaholics mostly do impulse shopping on fashion items like outfits, pieces of jewelry, and makeup. Plan to damp the expired items and give away some useful stuff to the needy. This gives you a feeling of guilt to buy that product next time also making your wardrobe clean and organize.

#6.Challenge yourself with new shopping rules 

Now here is the trick, challenge yourself with no shopping month or no shopping travel trip. Well, it is difficult for shopaholic’s but it gives you a realization that you can manage very well without shopping. And eventually, this will bring down your shopping habits and expenses. You can also challenge yourself with one color-one outfit for a wardrobe. For example, if you decide to buy a pink color outfit and you already have it in your wardrobe just drop the idea of buying it. You can also do the same for makeup one product or one type. Instead of buying 100 shades of lipsticks or foundation go for favorite shade and which suits your skin.

#7. Avoid hanging out in malls 

Avoid hanging out in malls and other places which are only meant for shopping. Have you ever imagine the unnecessary amount spent when you just simply hang out in a mall without any intention of shopping. Different shopping sales and discounts banners and influencing sales person urges us to shop. Well, it’s always better to meet or hang out with friends may be in parks or somewhere else, But surely not in malls or supermarkets. Instead, you can arrange to get together at home like a movie night or a barbeque party, which will be the best way to get rid of shopping addiction.

#8.Make a Wish list 

Have a dedicated monthly or yearly shopping wish list. Like if you want to buy something write it in a wish list with the price. You can download Apps or make your wish list and categories it according to the need and time to purchase. Here you can also follow the seven-day hold rule mentioned above. This helps to set priority for the things to be purchased first. So whenever you think of impulse purchase, do check your shopping wish list first. This method has helped me a lot and will help you too.

Last but not least it’s always your call to make a purchase, Shop but not impulsively. So for the next time you think of shopping do follow these methods which have helped me to get rid of my shopping addiction and lead a guilt-free and thoughtful shopping experience. Shop but wisely!!!

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